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August 27 2017

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night in the woods is a gooooood motherfuckin game. class struggle, good pals, cultshit, punkshit. oh man.

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How dare they drag me like this.

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top 10 iconic anime protagonists

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

August 26 2017

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This updated Pokemon fusion site is awesome, are we gonna do pokemon fusions again?

August 25 2017

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Bowser (who’s on vacation in this game) calls Jr. to make sure that everything is in order. WHAT A GOOD DAD

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If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck… it might just be a rabbit trying to impress a duck.

Twitter / Instagram

August 23 2017


Like, people who identify as Queer know the word is used like a slur. Trust me, we know.

So when we say “queer is a slur” was started by terfs, maybe use some critical thinking and try to understand what we mean. That is, if you actually care about queer people and the damage terfs do, rather that just screaming “queer is a slur!” and ignoring the actual point.

Terfs did not like that queer was reclaimed. End of. This is a fact. Queer was too broad, too accepting, and embraced all the people they wanted gone. And I know y'all exclusionists feel the same but get pissed when we point it out so you deny it, but sit down and listen for a minute.

Queer was the preferred term for poc. For bisexuals. For trans people. For people with multiple identities. It neatly encapsulated everything, and was a friendly community to those who felt thrown under the bus by mainstream LGBT activism. It was a political and social statement, “you treated my like I was different and weird, and guess what? I am and that’s something to be proud of.”

So the response? “You can’t use that word. Its bad. Its a slur.”

And at the time, a lot of people rolled their eyes. Everyone knew why they didn’t like the word and brushed that off. It was fine.

So they started more subtly. “Just so you know this word is very harmful and is a slur so be careful how you use it :))) in case you didn’t know :)))) its a slur :))) friendly reminder :))) for the sake of other people of course :))))” type shit on every post involving the word, including and especially posts simply mentioning self identification.

Always worded in friendly, concerned ways, like the derailment was meant to be nice and considerate, and not about normalizing their rhetoric.

And what happened because of that was a younger generation of community kids growing up with these statements being thrown at them and absorbed on every. Single. Post. That. Mentionioned. Queer.

The result? That same generation of kids cutting it all short, removing the meant-to-be-palatable niceness, to just say “queer is a slur.”

Exactly how it was originally intended. “Queer is a slur.” People drop on posts where young queer people talk about it being a self identifier that actually fits them. “Its a slur,” they comment, with nothing else, on posts they clearly didn’t read past that word, written by people twice their age who had reclaimed it before they were even born.

Its nasty. Its disgusting. It’s plain old bigotry, whether the people saying know it or not. It is a terf tactic, plain and simple.

And no one wants to deny that it is indeed used as a slur (right along with all the rest of our identities.) No one wants to be insensitive and force it on people who haven’t reclaimed it.

But invading queer people’s posts to spit “queer is a slur” is flat out queerphobic. You do the dirty work of terfs, of cis straight oppressors, by saying in one simple sentence: “its a dirty word, there is no pride in it, you haven’t/can’t reclaim(ed) it.”

And regardless of your actual intentions, when you do this, that is EXACTLY what you are communicating and doing.

“Queer is a slur” is a terf movement. Stop fucking supporting terfs just because you want to pretend like it isn’t.


*has no plans* wow I’m wasting my youth away my life is a wasteland I wish I was like one of those busy people

*has two things coming up in the same week* omg ok no I can’t handle the pressure of this wow my anxiety is off the charts this is too much

August 22 2017

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Virgo aesthetic (okay, so I’m doing this zodiac aesthetic series then I’ll go into colors or suggestions that you drop in my question blog. Some that I’m thinking are, beach aesthetic, introvert aesthetic and yeah lmao)

August 21 2017

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Diversas fuentes históricas coinciden en señalar que el 13 de abril de 1325, año de la fundación de Tenochtitlan, tuvo lugar un Eclipse

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It’d be kinda funny if after their relationship got better Mimikyu would start vying for Jessie’s attention and love

August 20 2017


my favorite part of impressionism is when artists just hung out and painted each other painting. 


oil paint isnt cheap, but john singer sargent wanted to paint his homie claude havin a nice day. thats sweet.


and heres gaugin’s painting of van gogh painting the sunflowers. damn he knew it would be #iconic and he memorialized the event. what a good friend

August 19 2017


are you a can’t do math gay or a can’t read gay?

August 18 2017


*watches a studio ghibli film* maybe… life is okay

August 16 2017

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into battle

I’ll be there as bassoon as I can

August 14 2017

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Filed under: yikes, get a new girlfriend, doubleyikes

A classic example of what abusive behavior in women can look like. This isn’t cute or sweet or just for anyone’s own good, this is controlling.

Young gents (and wlw and nb folks interested in ladies), if your girlfriend or prospective girlfriend presents you a list like this (especially in writing), you crumple that shit up, drop it at her feet, remind her that you are not property, and walk away.

This shit isn’t funny or cute when a man does it to a woman; do not tolerate it just because it’s coming from a woman.

August 13 2017

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“Desde el otro lado”

this piece took me forever but it’s finally done and i’m happy

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