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June 10 2017

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mexican tv is amazing

when  you broke and need insurance money

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Danza de los Quetzales

La Danza de los Quetzales es una danza originaria de la Sierra norte del *estado* de Puebla, aunque también se baila en algunas localidades del Estado de Veracruz.Se considera que la danza podría tener origen en la cultura tolteca. En la actualidad es ejecutada en su contexto original (fiestas patronales de las comunidades) por los miembros de los grupos indígenas nahuas y totonacos y, fuera de su contexto, por grupos de danza folclórica mexicana.En la época prehispánica era dedicada al sol, rasgo del que queda como reminiscencia la corona que portan los danzantes en la cabeza. Formaba parte de todo un ritual que incluía también las danzas de voladores y hua-huas.
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still trying to figure out how to draw sonic himself bc it’s been a hot minute since i’ve made an attempt to draw him um probably since i was like 12 lmaooo

June 09 2017

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quick question, what the fuck is happening

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In 1968, Chicano students in Los Angeles peacefully protested to demand adequate education and an end to the racism that they encountered in textbooks, teachers, academic advisors, and administrators source

June 08 2017

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The Mayans had mastered water pressure and had fountains and toilets as early as 750 AD.
Aztecs had running water and sewage.

The Victorians In the mid-1800s were dying of cholera because they just dumped their raw shit in the river Thames. They wouldn’t shower for months at a time because they were afraid of the polluted water.

Incans had created aquaducts in the slopes of the vast Andes mountains to reach the emperor, cities and farmers who used agricultural terraces.

Mayans, Aztecs, and Incans were far more advanced than the savage Europeans.

voice ask meme!


i really wanted to make one ok

send me a number and i’ll make an audio post with the prompt!

  1. I’ll say my own URL, and where it came from
  2. I’ll talk about my favorite foods
  3. I’ll talk about my favorite outfit
  4. I’ll talk about my siblings
  5. I’ll talk about what I did today
  6. I’ll talk about something I’m obsessed with/currently interested in
  7. I’ll sing verses from a song
  8. I’ll read a page from a book
  9. I’ll say a sentence in an accent that isn’t mine
  10. I’ll describe where I’m sitting at the moment
  11. I’ll talk about my pets/what pets I want
  12. I’ll talk about my sexuality
  13. I’ll talk about my favorite character
  14. I’ll talk about something embarrassing that happened to me
  15. I’ll talk about a dream I had
  16. I’ll tell a story
  17. I’ll talk about something I miss
  18. I’ll talk about something I’ve never done
  19. I’ll talk about something I’m proud of
  20. I’ll talk about the music I’m listening to at the moment
  21. I’ll talk about something that bothers me
  22. I’ll talk about something that makes me happy
  23. I’ll talk in a voice I don’t usually use
  24. I’ll talk about something! (my choice)
  25. I’ll talk about something! (your choice)

 ask away! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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what do you want me to do

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The box says “telephone” but all my experience says “save point before TERRIBLE boss fight”

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okay not only is this twitter account fucking gold but its also so accurate i could cry

the fair trade latte fuckery hath slain me. 

The only thing that can make this better are these two tweets from the girl behind Guy In Your MFA:



when people yell at retail workers/waitstaff/etc. for no reason

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here’s a passive aggressive thing I made to put on FA


fake conversations in your head of you venting to someone

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the boy who ate a star

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if you’ve been trained to to dislike yourself for enjoying anything due to years of being told you’re annoying clap your hands 👏👏👏

if I listed out every particular instance that was met with negativity enough for me to stop feeling comfortable talking about it, this comic would be like 50 panels.

[ more comics | Patreon | Tapastic ]

June 07 2017


Honestly? Shoutout to those of you who are completely fucking lost in life. Those who don’t know what they want to do with life. Those who are stuck in a certain part of life and can’t get out. Those who are reaching for dreams they feel are impossible to reach. Those who feel like they’re accomplishments are being overlooked. Those who feel like their enough just isn’t enough. It is. You can make it. You will make it. There is an opening at the end of the tunnel.




“frozen is the first disney movie to deal with sibiling relationships and not romance”


Is that an example or a reaction?


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