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June 15 2017





shoutout to all the video games that i still haven’t finished

shout out to all the video games I bought on steam sale and never even started

shout out to all the video games that I haven’t played yet because I play the same game over and over again

I’m all three. lol

June 14 2017

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Persona 5 battle cut in’s

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June 13 2017

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literally been in this exact situation


I live in a panicked state that sits somewhere between “don’t be so hard on yourself” and “success is my only option”.






why do little kids always tantrum scream like they’re reenacting jurassic park

Their emotions are too big for their little bodies y'all

They feel just as intensely as we do

Well maybe they should get bigger bodies

They do. It takes several years.

Several years??? Typical millennial laziness


Who else enjoys going out in public looking disgusting like what’s up guys! I’m ugly and untouchable

June 12 2017

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Some Wind Waker Link doodles<333

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Drone capture whale sharks and mantas feeding together off the Coast of Cancun, Mexico.  Every year between May and September hundreds of whale sharks are migrating to this area in order to feed from plankton.

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it started with ‘’dark shadow cries almost as much as izuku’’ and escalated from there. the shortest and fluffiest friends.

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               ERA AESTHETICS
               ↳ The Aztec Empire or the Triple Alliance, Valley of Mexico. 1428 - 1521

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apartment in Paseo de Gracia Barcelona.

June 11 2017

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Another illustration I did for the gender workbook. Five cultures which have understood and respected non-binary gender identities for centuries.

It bothers me when people act like the idea of identifying as transgender or third gender is a new concept, or a trend which started recently in the West. Let’s be honest: the west is thousands of years late to the party, and we’re just now catching up. Hijras are mentioned in the Kama Sutra, which was written in 400 BC. Non-binary understandings of gender have existed since ancient times. Google it, y'all.

Disclaimer: you can and should learn about these cultures to broaden your understanding of gender, but you cannot claim any of these identities unless you are actually a part of that culture. For example, it would be cultural appropriation for a non-Native person to read an article about Two Spirits and decide that they identify as a Two Spirit now. This should really go without saying, but it’s happened before.


“why do you need headcanons!!!!!!”

because these are supposed to be different characters




Yeah Dreamworks face is pretty bad, but just look at any harem anime protag those guys are literally the same people


What if I told you these are four different shows

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almost finished the final pam sketch animation. need to fix the movement for the glasses and i wanna add some stuff at the end (BG stuff:explosion)

after that i will concentrate on finishing the sam flash suit animation.

June 10 2017

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