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hey let’s rlly try and phase out the terms “trap” and “futa” from our roleplaying communities huh

Hey, here’s an idea.

Or let people use the terms that they want to for their own characters.

What’s next? Going after “shemale” and “femboy”? Let people roleplay what they want

yeah that’s a good point, shemale and femboy are also disgusting terms and should not be used anymore! thanks, idiot

Quick to call names? That’s very unthoughtful. The terms may be disgusting to you, but I know plently of roleplayers that use them. Hell, some of them are trans. So just let people roleplay what they want without trying to govern them.

i’ve met zero trans people that are comfortable with those terms and dozens of trans people who find them uncomfortable, dehumanizing, and objectifying, so you go ahead and continue to do whatever you want, but now everyone knows you’re a transphobic creep so enjoy

Trans lady here, can confirm that seeing any of the terms mentioned above makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

Frankly seeing somebody use it makes me feel like they only view people like me as a fetish. Like, if you’re not going to dignify the reality of what the characters are and invent a million shitty terms that equate trans women to men just so you can avoid admitting that the object of your sexual desire is a trans woman… like, what else am I supposed to take from that. 

Like you reduce these characters from being trans women to being a term used only in fetish material, and always with that connotation of ‘partway between a woman and a man’. From being people to fetishes. Honestly, it creeps me out and makes me really uncomfortable.

If anyone who sees this uses these terms… I can only request that you stop, I guess. It’s shitty.


Fellow trans lady here in full agreement with the last post. Let’s fucking YEET these terms out of existence. 

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