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trans people shouldn’t have to look cis to be respected

the comments on this are gross y’all clearly dont understand how this works. transitioning is not that easy nor is it affordable. and it is a transition aka it’s not instantaneous aka it takes time. years and years, in fact, to get to the point where you could pass for cis and even then some people may never fully pass. surgery is expensive and getting medical treatment is a nightmare in and of itself. some people can’t fully transition or pass for various reason such as age, health, money, location, family, not being completely out, body type, etc. and they are still worthy of respect and dignity. so yeah, passing may be “the goal” but if you only respect trans people when they pass, news flash: you’re trash. 

trans people shouldn’t have to look cis to be respected.

And some people don’t want to medically transition! Hormone replacement therapy and surgeries are scary, and not only that but some people don’t feel the need to put themselves through all that, and THAT’S FINE! THEY ARE STILL VALID!

People experience life differently, and that’s OKAY!

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