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tumblr now is a very weird place for kids to grow up with
like ngl….. I had a tumblr from the time I was 12 onwards and like back in 2012 it wasn’t that bad just kind of cringy and fandomey but now tumblr has become a lot more political and it’s full of very polarizing opinions and 12-14 year olds are plunging headfirst into that
it’s scary because these kid’s critical thinking skills and personalities arent fully developed yet, and they’re just beginning puberty which is a trying and confusing emotional stage of life… and they’re practically being FORCED into “choosing a side” in a very aggressive environment where they’re criticized for having the Wrong opinions and aren’t given a chance to learn and think for themselves
and I think we all know someone our age who’s so obviously a product of Tumblr Foolishness and it’s scary to think people will be going out into the world thinking like this website does. yikes

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