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Another illustration I did for the gender workbook. Five cultures which have understood and respected non-binary gender identities for centuries.

It bothers me when people act like the idea of identifying as transgender or third gender is a new concept, or a trend which started recently in the West. Let’s be honest: the west is thousands of years late to the party, and we’re just now catching up. Hijras are mentioned in the Kama Sutra, which was written in 400 BC. Non-binary understandings of gender have existed since ancient times. Google it, y'all.

Disclaimer: you can and should learn about these cultures to broaden your understanding of gender, but you cannot claim any of these identities unless you are actually a part of that culture. For example, it would be cultural appropriation for a non-Native person to read an article about Two Spirits and decide that they identify as a Two Spirit now. This should really go without saying, but it’s happened before.

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