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February 04 2018

Sinister sound of Tyrannosaurus Rex heard for first time in 66 million years






The fearsome roar of Tyrannosaurus Rex as portrayed in film has left many a cinema-goer quaking in their seat.

But new research suggests the king of the dinosaurs made a far more sinister sound.

For a new BBC documentary, naturalist Chris Packham visited Julia Clarke, professor of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the University of Texas, to test out a the theory that dinosaurs actually sounded more like birds and reptiles, than today’s predatory mammals. - Source

reblogging for later!

Okay, yeah, that is scary as FUCK, oh my god.

Oh yeah, that’s a sound that’ll haunt me. I mean they admit their science is far from conclusive, but that sound… yeah, if I heard that in an alley I’d start running like fuck.

https://youtu.be/cpipaUfcnmM you have to use headphones though otherwise you won’t be able to hear it, even with your sound turned way up

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January 31 2018

Writing “Therapy” scenes - Advice from my ongoing experience in therapy


Some sessions are heavy and tears flow as gaping wounds burst open inside me and I am a child overwhelmed by emotion incapable of rational thought. It’s primal and raw and can be healing with someone who knows how to lead you back to yourself.

Some sessions I learn about different psychiatric principles and discuss books to read to better understand the trauma I survived and how it impacts my life in a thousand little ways with a thousand little assumptions about the world and myself.

Some sessions I end up laughing because getting perspective on the dumb shit you’ve been doing is funny when you can finally step back and point out your wrong thinking and correct it. Also, all therapists have a good story from their life that suddenly makes everything so clear

Some sessions we start with intention. “Today, I want to talk about regaining a healthy sexuality after trauma because I can see the shadows cropping up in this new relationship” or “How do I survive the holiday season around my homophobic family.”

Some sessions start with “Maggie, you are going to be fucking proud of me. I recognized a trigger and used one of the coping mechanisms we’ve been working on.”

Some sessions I have to go to the sound proofed room and punch pillows and scream about what happened and how much it hurts. How much I am afraid it will happen again. How much I hate him. How much i want to die because i am ashamed. Maggie is there to help me through it so i can heal from it. Grow stronger and understand the festering that has lingered in my heart for so long.

Some sessions start with long silences. “Katie… are you in the room with me?” And I realize that I’ve been dissociating for hours or days. My therapist will guide me back into my body and gently nudge me towards understanding why I mentally checked out.

Some sessions i leave full of energy and bubbling with a sense of healing.

Some sessions I feel about to burst because i want to tell someone about the progress i’ve made or a new understanding about why I am the way I am.

Some sessions I sit in my car afterward and cry. 

these sessions have all happened with the same therapist over the course of year or so. I have had huge leaps of progress and am well on the way to healing but there are still times when I shy away from the thought of a session. You can be looking forward to therapy like a lifeline and also be dreading it.

I hope all your characters get the healing they deserve <3

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“You’re basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world, at once, being reflected off the surface of the moon” – explained by NASA

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The Silent Lady

Continuing this pantheon with a death goddess, too obvious of a literary reference, and a lot of details that no one can see but it’s fine

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I’ve never identified with something more than this

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Sus diseños de tigres, leones, caballos y príncipes aztecas nos cubrieron en noches frías como estas:

Es el mítico Cobertor San Marcos🐯👇🏼

January 30 2018




Way too many parents need to learn the difference between “a child being disrespectful” and “a human person expressing an opinion that differs from theirs”

my mom had a nice technique for this. when i’d give her sass, she’d say, “i don’t speak rude, what’s that in polite-person-ese?”

basically, she’d encourage me to rephrase my opinion without the attitude. so “UGH, you NEVER let me do ANYTHING!” would (often after quite a bit of bitching and grumbling) turn into “it feels like every time i have a fun idea, you say no, and i just end up sitting around the house.”

and at that point we could troubleshoot like civilized people. she could explain that she didn’t want me to go to jimmy’s sleepover because jimmy’s dad creeps her out, and i could suggest maybe i could have andy over instead, and she could say sure, why not call peter and stacy and brianna and have your own party, i’ll pop some popcorn and rent a movie, and i could add what if we put up tents in the back yard and have a bonfire and roast marshmallows, and she could laugh and say don’t push it.

I really like this technique because it addresses the OPs comment but recognizes that the two can coexist. The problem is often the child is expressing their opinion in a rude or disrespectful way. And as humans we automatically become adverse to opinions we feel are aggressive toward us.


Giving unsolicited criticism on fanworks that people are clearly doing just for a fun time is a little like walking up to a stranger dancing with their friends at the club and telling them their form and rhythm are off – and then proceeding to get all butthurt when they tell you to fuck off and responding to them that they ‘can’t take criticism.’ 

Regardless of whether you think you’re being helpful, you’re kinda gonna come off like a patronizing asshole and you should maybe not do the thing. 

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AYYY another Palette & Expression Meme, look at that. You may have to zoom in for details lol. 81 Expressions and 50 Palettes, go nuts guys.

And since I know I will eventually get this question (or I won’t and people will just do it anyway) ASK ME before reposting. I may or may not already have it wherever it is you want it. Yes you may also just use it for practice.

I personally will not be taking requests for this one as I’m trying to focus on getting commissions so I can afford a new computer~

November 03 2017

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I’m back on my semi-realistic bullshit

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Pan de Muerto!

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Also, a friendly annual reminder that Avatar Korra and Asmi Sato are bisexuals. Neither of them are lesbians, they did not feel “compulsory heterosexuality” when they were attracted to Mako, and no matter what you say or headcanon they are bisexual women. End of story. Thank you.

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hey listen im gay as fuck but girls? yall are all gorgeous have a nice day

hey listen, im a huge lesbian but boys? yall are all handsome have a nice day

hey listen, im bisexual and everyone? gorgeous, have a good day!

Hey, listen, im ace and everyone? Way cute, have a fantastic day

I feel queer solidarity in this Chili’s tonight

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honestly if this ain’t me…… i’ve never felt more connected to ryan gosling 

Ok but really, I’d ditch a prestigious awards ceremony to go hang out with del toro, too.

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