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October 06 2017

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Pan de Muerto (Bread of the dead) is traditionally baked in Mexico during the weeks leading up to the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which is celebrated on November 1 and 2.

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Day of Dead in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco


no offense but purposefully negative people are boring and draining as hell and not nearly as interesting as they think they are

October 05 2017

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Getting pretty tired of censorship lately! Anyway, here’s Clara, a sweet sword girl from a pitch I’m working on. 


baby: *incomprehensible babbling*

me: WHAT!? really??? no way :0



there is no medical component to a trans kid transitioning

if a little trans boy comes out to his parents & is like 4 all youd do for his transition is cut his hair, buy a new wardrobe, & switch pronouns & possibly change names

no one is gonna put a little 4 year old on testosterone OR puberty blockers until theyre actually about to start puberty & then they give them a few years to really decide if they want to start hormones

a trans kid existing isnt “child abuse.”
child abuse is refusing to let your kid live their lives as they truly are & forcing them to present as a gender they arent

radfems who interact with this post will be blocked & your argument will not be read or even considered. i do not care about the opinion of a transphobe & my original post still stands.


i am fully aware that stricter gun control regulations would not be an immediate fix to all the mass shootings just because america has long fostered a culture of violence and terrible tragedies are destined to happen no matter what… but literally what negative impact would stricter gun laws have?? maybe it wouldn’t be an immediate fix because “people will find a way to get them anyway” but is it not a step in the right direction?? like, i genuinely for the life of me can not understand why anyone would be against this 

October 04 2017



self care is putting yourself to bed on a regular schedule because it’s the base treatment for mood disorders

there’s no twist or anything it’s just really really good for u to sleep at consistent times

me reading this at 5am:

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this is good

I’d just like to add, see how they behave when they’re angry/frustrated/exhausted, and if you see something that concerns you, wait until they’re calm, and then talk to them about it.

My husband used to yell when he got frustrated, but after I explained to him that I found it upsetting, he stopped yelling and started consciously working on asking for help before he got to that level of frustration.

When I’m upset over something, or just in a bad mood, I tend to withdraw. My husband explained to me that it makes him feel like I’m mad at him, so now when I need some space, I’ll tell him what I’m upset about, or that I’m in a bad mood for no particular reason, and I need to be alone for a little while.

See your friends and partners at their worst, but don’t assume that their worst is immutable. If someone loves and cares about you, they’ll try to accommodate you to the best of their ability.

This is the best advice I’ve ever seen on this site, and it is so important. Communication is everything, and is 80% of the reason my husband and I have such a healthy, strong, and supportive relationship.

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[Tweet: If you’re uncomfortable calling a person “they” but comfortable calling them “it”, your problem isn’t a linguistic one.]

Friendly reminder that even in this economy, it costs literally zero dollars to use people’s correct name and pronouns.

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October 02 2017

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I love the voice actors so much.

Please do not repost anywhere!

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i made some expression memes for yall!

These were actually REALLY fun to do ahhh. Feel free to send me requests for dragon age characters or my OCs!

And of course feel free to use these yourselves haha

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be courteous but fuck shit up

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La noche del miércoles 2 de octubre de 1968 marcó un hito en la historia moderna de México. Fue cuando ocurrió la matanza de estudiantes y civiles, que se habían reunido en Tlatelolco, por parte de militares y policías que actuaron por órdenes de las más altas esferas del gobierno mexicano.Durante décadas y generaciones, la consigna “2 de octubre no se olvida” ha mantenido vivo el recuerdo de los asesinados esa noche y de su ideales.

  • El 2 de Octubre de 1968, en la Plaza de Tlatelolco o de las Tres Culturas se congregaron casi 50.000 estudiantes. Pero no hicieron sino caer en una emboscada, pues de todas las calles convergentes, aparecieron las fuerzas del ejército, rodeando la plaza. A las 6:10 de la tarde, un helicóptero lanzó una bengala… y la matanza comenzó.
  • Los soldados empezaron a disparar indiscriminadamente contra los allí presentes, mientras los estudiantes huían aterrorizados. Casi 400 estudiantes murieron aquel día, y más de mil resultaron heridos de gravedad.
  • Ante el intercambio de fuego, la multitud se dispersó y varias personas buscaron refugiarse en alguno de los edificios que rodean a la plaza. Sin embargo, en las horas siguientes al inicio de la masacre, agentes militares y policiacos realizaron cateos y detenciones ilegales de manifestantes dentro de varios departamentos de Tlatelolco.
  • Se quemaron gran parte de los cadáveres y los heridos fueron llevados a hospitales militares para ocultar la Verdad. Ya de noche, los bomberos y la policía se encargaron, con chorros de agua a presión, de lavar todas las huellas del magnicidio en aquella plaza, dejándola impoluta para la mañana siguiente.
  • El presidente mexicano de aquellos momentos, Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, al parecer pidió la presencia militar en la plaza, pero fue el Comando Supremo de las Fuerzas Armadas quien ordenó el fuego. Todos los documentos de aquella matanza se quemaron o no aparecen. El presidente mexicano, Díaz Ordaz, ya murió; su sucesor, Echevarría, dice no saber nada.
  • Con el tiempo, se reveló que quienes iniciaron los disparos el 2 de octubre fueron miembros del Batallón Olimpia, un grupo de agentes del gobierno federal. Tras la confusión inicial por los disparos, miembros de ese grupo paramilitar y del Ejército se coordinaron para detener ilegalmente a decenas de estudiantes.

En la Plaza de las Tres Culturas fue instalado un monumento en honor a los caídos en 1968. Por su parte, la UNAM creó el Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, que incluye el Memorial del Movimiento Estudiantil formado por una instalación multimedia.

Además, el movimiento estudiantil y la masacre de 1968 han inspirado diversas expresiones en la cultura mediática, como la película Rojo Amancer de 1989 o el libro La noche de Tlatelolco de Elena Poniatowska.

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Inktober #1. If you’re interested in similar drawings, I share plenty of drawings made in pens, colored pencils and watercolors on my patreon each month.

[Image description: green pen drawing of a ram next to a caption that says “This is not more than you can handle. You can get through this and you will.” in handwritten green text.]

October 01 2017

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All toblerone in the world 

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