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November 03 2017

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I’m back on my semi-realistic bullshit

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Pan de Muerto!

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Also, a friendly annual reminder that Avatar Korra and Asmi Sato are bisexuals. Neither of them are lesbians, they did not feel “compulsory heterosexuality” when they were attracted to Mako, and no matter what you say or headcanon they are bisexual women. End of story. Thank you.

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hey listen im gay as fuck but girls? yall are all gorgeous have a nice day

hey listen, im a huge lesbian but boys? yall are all handsome have a nice day

hey listen, im bisexual and everyone? gorgeous, have a good day!

Hey, listen, im ace and everyone? Way cute, have a fantastic day

I feel queer solidarity in this Chili’s tonight

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honestly if this ain’t me…… i’ve never felt more connected to ryan gosling 

Ok but really, I’d ditch a prestigious awards ceremony to go hang out with del toro, too.

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Feliz dia de muertos here’s a chill skeleton

November 02 2017

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The joke is that bards aren’t very strong but Ikki really super is

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super mario plein air

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Día de los muertos - México

Day of the dead

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Feliz día de muertos.


Mural de Estephany Mora para Ciudad Mural Zacatecas de Colectivo Tomate.




there was something innocent about being a weaboo in 1998-2008, if you’re a weeb now its just Very dark energies and menacing

it’s probably all the pedophiles




Did You Know That Not Every Villain Needs A Redemption Arc Sometimes People Are Just Bad

Often Characters Commit Irredeemable Atrocities And Should Rightfully Be Vilified And Not Every Show Is Avatar The Last Airbender

For Clarification I Am Using ATLA As An Example Of A Well Executed And Deserving Redemption Arc (Zuko) But Even ATLA Knew Which Villains Shouldn’t Get One Because It Would Be Undeserved Or Remove The Potential For A Satisfying Conclusion Or Just Simply Wouldn’t Make Sense (Ozai) And A Lot Of Villains In Other Pieces Of Media Objectively Fall Into The Ozai Category But Are Treated Like Zukos By The Fanbase And It Simply Doesn’t Fucking Work That Way Sorry For The Weird Format Anyone In This Thread Chew Bubblegum

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